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Ipswich - East Suffolk Hockey Club

Archive - Club Sponsor & League Sponsors for 2009/10

Latest update: 25th July 2009

Ipswich - East Suffolk Hockey Club has no official Sponsor for 2009/10 and would welcome any approach to offer sponsorship to the Club.

IES recently concluded a 3-year sponsorship package with the Hills group companies and the Club would like to record its thanks to that organisation.

There is no current Sponsor for the Suffolk Ladies League.

The East League announced sponsorship with effect from the 07/08 season as follows:

NE14HOCKEY: to sponsor the East Leagues: The East Leagues have entered into a three-year sponsorship deal with NE14HOCKEY, a new hockey website based in East but operating nationally. The website is designed to complement existing hockey sites and will feature hockey news stories, opinions, opportunities and information on a national and regional basis. It will provide a 'free to register' information resource for clubs who want to promote themselves to potential new members, publicise their festivals and tournaments and organise their own tours. When fully developed the website will also feature discussion boards and individual blog facilities.

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