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Annual Report for 1997 / 1998: Editor, Chris Hatch


The 1997/98 season was generally satisfactory in terms of the Club's playing record with the Mens 1st X1's finishing in mid-table in Premier 'B' and the and Ladies 1st X1 finishing as runners-up in the Suffolk Ladies Premier League. Furthermore, the Men enjoyed a great run in the HA Trophy and the Ladies 2nd X1 achieved promotion. Disappointingly, our Mens 3rd and 4th X1's were relegated but this has to be seen as a spur to recovering statuses in the coming season. The Ladies won the Suffolk 7's Tournament whilst the Men did extremely well in the revived Suffolk Indoor hockey programme. Several young players continued to make progress up the sides and provide much of the hope for the future. The following is a summary of match statistics for Mens and Ladies 1st X1 games listed in the Fixtures Card 1997/1998.

Mens 1st League: P18 W7 D3 L8 GF36 GA30 League Position 5th (10)

Mens 1st Friendly: P7 W4 D1 L2 GF16 GA14

Ladies 1st League: P16 W11 D2 L3 GF32 GA12 League Positon 2nd (9)

Ladies 1st Friendly: P4 W2 D1 L1 GF12 GA7

(Note that the above data excludes cup/trophy and tournament matches).

With the long term viability of the Club high on the agenda, a 'Future of the Club Committee' was formed and recommended a move from Chantry Park to a new headquarters at Rushmere Sports Club. Along with components such as an agreed merger with Woodbridge LHC and a 10 year contract to have 3 playing slots on Saturdays at Copleston School, the package for the new club structure from the beginning of the 98/99 season was overwhelmingly endorsed by members at the A.G.M. on 14/5/98. We formally dissolved the 12 year partnership with Ipswich & East Suffolk Cricket Club and the Chantry Park headquarters in June 98, parting company with good grace and on good terms all round. IES Hockey Club would like to take this opportunity to wish our erstwhile cricket club partner the best of luck for their own future as we go our separate ways. The remainder of this report comprises a summary of match statistics and A.G.M. details followed by contributions from the editor, senior committee members and the team captains.

Tournament results during 1997/98 (to semi-finals or better):- Men's Indoor Squad Winners, Suffolk 'Borrett' Cup Men's Indoor Squad Runners-up, Suffolk Indoor League Cup Ladies Winners, Suffolk 7's 'Barbara Paul Trophy' Men's U-13 Winners, Felixstowe U-13 Tournament

Representative Honours during 1997/98 Suffolk Men Senior Charlie Farrow Suffolk Men U-21 X1: Kevyn Brown, Richard Cox, Tim Knowland, Simon Rose, Scott Cole Suffolk Men U-18 X1: Tim Knowland, Simon Rose, Jon Tingey Suffolk Men U-15 X1 Geoffrey Reed

News from the Annual General Meeting on 14th May 1998

The following elections were made (or filled by subsequent committee appointment):-

President, John Taylor; Chairman, John Adams; Secretary, Helen Price; Business Manager,Men's Team Secretary & Astro Pitch Liaison Officer, Chris Hatch; Club Promotions Officers, Charlie Farrow and Guy Marshlain; Social Secretary, Stuart Gooderham and Avril Adams; Youth Development , Ian Reed.

Men 1st X1 Captain / Secretary / Manager Danny Mayhew / Kevin Day / David Taylor

Ladies 1st X1 Captain / Secretary / Manager Stephanie Cook Mel Maguire / Gill Oxley

Other Matters reported on at the AGM:-

(i) Chairman's Report (Peter Blake writes):-

1997/8 has been a memorable season on the field particularly for the two ladies` teams, who put behind them the disappointment of losing several players to end runners up in both their leagues and to win the Brabara Paul Trophy at the Suffolk 7-a-side tournament.

The men`s 1st XI did well to reach the semi final of the H.A.Trophy, losing to the eventual winners West Herts.The spirit of the club was typified by the coachload of supporters who travelled from Ipswich to support the team.Although the match was lost our support outnumbered that of the home team substantially. It is hoped that this attitude will continue in the future and serve the Club well in challenging times.

On a personal note, as I am not seeking re-election as Chairman, I would like to say it has been a pleasure and a privilege to hold the post; I wish my successor an equally enjoyable tenure.

I have absolutely no doubt that I will, in future AGMs, listen to reports of further achievement by the Club and its members both on and off the field. I am reassured in that by the number of excellent young players who are making their mark at all levels in the Club and on whom the future depends. Congratulations to Ian Reed and his team for the continuing success thjat their hard work deserves.

(ii) Treasurer's Report (Chris Hatch) :-

At the end of a season which saw a fair mixture of 'highs' and 'lows' for the Club it is a pleasure to report that we continued to make adequate progress in the funding and financing of our activities based at Chantry Park.

We were blessed with a goodish winter resulting in very few matches being cancelled due to weather. However, the net loss of lady members meant that a 3rd X1 was not viable and subscription + match fee income fell accordingly. There was also some patchyness in the mens subscription income. In general we had a net reduction of subscription income to the club.

We transferred a substantial sum to the IESCHC "asset base" to leave us with a sum very close to that which we had at the end of the previous season. The IESCHC joint club paid off all its remaining debts during the season and a position of separate accounting was agreed with the cricket section with effect from 1/1/98.

It was quite clear as the season unfolded that the remoteness of Chantry Park from the astro's was slowly undermining the club social and organisational structure. However, we continued to operate as a broadly cohesive unit and are in good shape to go forward. In general, the efforts of Dave Taylor and Kevin Day for their bar management contributions in difficult circumstances are gratefully acknowledged. I should also like to thank the team secretaries and/or captains for clear, concise and (mostly) timely accounting of income and expenses. The 'traditional' contributions of the Veterans in waiving travelling expenses and also by those who absorbed costs such as phone calls are gratefully acknowledged. The contribution of Darren Clark, who undertook much of the grass pitch marking work, also assisted greatly with the control of costs and this is gratefully acknowledged.

(iii) Grounds Committee Report (Chris Hatch):-

The club again played its 'home' hockey during the 97/98 season on the Copleston School artificial pitch, the ILHC artificial pitch, the Framlingham College artificial pitch and on our grass pitches at Chantry Park. The owners of the astro pitches are thanked for making their facilities available to us on a fair and consistent basis and we hope to continue the good relationships as the Club takes up its new arrangements from next season.

This proved to be our final season based at Chantry Park and coincided with diminishing use of the grass pitches as a consequence of more astro pitch availability and the withdrawal of one of the teams scheduled to use the pitches on various occasions. Our much-appreciated groundsman for the past 5 seasons, also retired and this added to the sense of it being the end of an era and time to move on. The final 'official' game at Chantry Park on 5/4/98 saw the Mixed X1 record an impressive 8 - 0 win over Harlequins to end our association with the Chantry grass on a high note. Darren Clark is thanked for contributing much of the Saturday morning pitch preparation at Chantry Park and during the year, skilled work on woodwork repairs and metalwork repairs was generously provided by Terry Murray, Andy Murray and John Wright. Kevin Day efficiently organised a self-help cleaning rota for the clubhouse and generally assisted David Taylor to manage the bar.

(iv) Social & Fundraising Report (Editor's Report) :-

Although social functions were limited in number, this side of the club's activities had some excellent support. Club Day, held on 30th August was hot and humid, but well attended with hungers satisfied from John Adam's bar-b-que and a fair bit of money spent in the Eurohockey equipment tent. A 'Race Night', organised and brilliantly compered by Paul Fletcher on 25th October, provided the usual lively equine entertainment and emptied a few wallets in the cause of club fundraising. The Christmas Party Karaoke evening on 13th December, organised by Richard Cox with food provision by IES Ladies, heralded the festive season. Thereafter, with attention diverted by the good run in the HA Trophy, the final event was the Annual Dinner Dance, organised by John Adams, which was attended by 100 members and guests, including Martin White of the 'Evening Star' and a good end-of-season evening out appeared to be enjoyed by all at Melton Grange. The enthusiastic effort of Paul Fletcher to keep a lively social programme going is gratefully acknowledged.

(v) Youth Coaching Report (Ian Reed writes):-

With 'Challenge Funding' received via Copleston School, we put on a mini hockey tournament at the start of the season. The tournament was aimed at Ipswich Schools primarily to give them a taste of astro hockey. It was well received - indeed a most successful day with the Club providing most of the umpires - and because of the funding meant that we didn't have to ask for an entry fee. From the older age group, we were able to filter a few more children into the Club's lower teams and by the end of the season, a few had already started to move up through the Men's sides. Importantly, we are attracting quite a number of young recruits and my thanks go to Ray Black and Phil Jaynes particularly who have taken on the mantle of coach to the younger group. Andy Murray as ever has been there to assist almost without fail. In the latter part of the season, we were able to enter an U-11 and a U-13 side in the Suffolk mini hockey tournament. The U-13 side qualified from one of the groups to the quarter finals and was a reasonably strong side. An U-11 side played Ipswich Prep and their guests from Beechwood School, Guernsey. At the end of the season, we entered a mini side in the U-11 and U-13 groups at Felixstowe. The U-13 players have been noticeably improving and came away from the tournament as winners. The experienced management team of Geoff Reed and Duncan Harris were also recognised at the tournament. It is nice to see so many who feel able to turn out and participate in the coaching. John Wilkinson (Suffolk senior umpire) was a revelation. Many thanks go out to all those prepared to give up time to help. I believe youth coaching continues to be a prime requirement for the future of the Club.

(vi) Umpires and Umpiring Report (Chris Hatch)

For the record, the Mens 1st X1 league matches were umpired by ECHUA appointees whilst the 1st X1 friendlies and all the Mens seconds games and most of the thirds league games were umpired by members of the SCHUA and the Club is grateful to these organisations for this essential contribution. Men's 4th, 5th and Vets X1 games had to rely on self-help but a good standard of umpiring was provided throughout with Jon Oakley, John Pope and Chris Hatch taking responsibility for much of the league umpiring for the lower teams. Other contributors included Ray Black and Ian Reed, whilst the latter together with Dave Aldous and Geoff Tindall provided much of the officiating for the Vets. John Bendall was again prominent amongst those who regularly umpired as the Ladies 1sts neutral appointee in the Suffolk Ladies Premier Division mutual pool and often umpired a men's match as well on the same day. Several of our Level 1 umpires also contributed appointments in this pool and also undertook umpiring for the 2nd and erstwhile 3rd X1's. John Jay, whilst being unable to umpire himself at present, organised the annual SCHA Level 1 qualification course in our premises, but it was disappointing that just Charlie Farrow chose to attend from our Club. That said, the Level 1 or better qualified umpires list of IES members by the end of the season was as follows:- John Adams, John Bendall, Peter Blake, Graham Brookman, Jo Celerier, Paul Fletcher, Chris Hatch, Helen Jay, John Jay, Eleanor Knowland, Mel Maguire, Simon Martin, Nigel Munson, Jon Oakley, Cathy Piddington, John Pope, Ian Reed, David Taylor, Geoff Tindall, John Wright with Charlie Farrow part qualified. Chris Hatch will formally act as the Club's non-pool umpire appointments coordinator for the coming season. All members are encouraged to acquire formal umpiring qualifications.

End of Season Team Reports: (1997/1998)

a) Men's 1st X1; (Editor's report):- The 1st X1 achieved a commendable 5th place out of 10 in East Premier 'B', improving by one place from the previous season. Whilst never quite threatening to push for promotion, the mid-table position was based on achieving double wins against Redbridge, Romford and St Ives together with a home win over Norwich City and some useful draws.

For the most part, Tim Best, Andy Keedle, Richard Cox and Stu Gooderham formed a resolute defence in front of Charlie Farrow who again kept goal in his unique style whilst the midfield frequently starred Kev Day, skipper Danny Mayhew, Tim Butterworth, Peter Blake and Kevyn Brown. Up front, David Taylor lined up with Sam Gibson with options provided by Guy Marshlain and a fast-improving Jon Tingey. Whilst the outturn from the league matches was satisfactory, an extended run in the HA Trophy provided interest and inspiration. The pendulum swung from the fine run in 96/97 as the luck of the draw saw us play away rather more often than not. However victories against Gorleston (8-1), Brigg (3-1), Chapeltown (5-1), Rickmansworth (1-0), Staines (2-1) and Blandford (3-1) took us to a semi-final against West Herts which proved our undoing to the tune of a 5 - 1 defeat with Ian Suckling deflecting in a late consolation goal just after being subbed on. The Chairman's report mentions the great support from the Club and everybody enjoyed the day out and occasion in Hertfordshire even if the result went against us. During the season, David Taylor acted as Manager and Tim Butterworth was named as player of the season. As a final observation, success this coming season will depend, as ever, on the commitment of players to get very fit and to attend all training sessions.

b) Ladies 1st X1; (Editor's report):- 'So near and yet so far' might be the final analysis of a Suffolk Premier League campaign when the Ladies 1st X1 achieved a second place finish - the highest in the history of the Club - but ineligible for promotion to the East Super League structure with just the league winners (Christchurch) in that enviable position by the margin of a single league point. The measure of success in both the league programme and the friendlies was very much down to a team effort under the leadership and management of skipper Gill Oxley and secretary Cathy Piddington who ensured good commitment to attendance at training and a good degree of stability in team selection. The emergence of a good young goalkeeper, Hayley Smith, behind an experienced defence helped provide the stability and confidence for the midfield and forwards to keep oppositions under pressure throughout the season. First place in the league was basically lost with two successive defeats in mid-January, highlighting a current problem in Ladies hockey where the team lost match fitness due to not playing between November 29th and January 10th because of cancelled friendlies allied with the festive season. Apart from the league, we competed in the AEWHA Cup and recorded a fine away victory over Colchester (1-0) before going down (0-6) to ESL Division 1 side Harleston in a battling performance at Framlingham. The icing on the cake was winning the Suffolk 7's tournament (Barbara Paul Trophy) towards the close of the season. Steph Cook was named as 1st X1 player of the season and will take over as captain for 98/99 when the push for promotion will be the main ambition.

c) Men's 2nd X1; (John Adams writes):- The Men's 2nd X1 set out to give the promising youngsters in the Club an opportunity. With this in mind, there were several changes from the previous season. The results weren't good before Christmas, but the performances showed a lot of promise. After Christmas, a good run of results in the friendlies served to boost confidence to such a level that only one league game was lost in the second half of the season. B. Colquhoun, J. Snook, A. Murray, D. Cripps, J. Tingey (and T. Knowland on occasions) all got better and better as the season progressed. Indeed, Jon Tingey had an extended run in the 1st X1 after Christmas. Ducky (Ian Suckling) was named player of the season and there has rarely been a more deserving award - he was always at training and he was always prepared to battle for every ball in the midfield. Lastly, thanks to Graham Brookman who organised and led the team superbly - his booming calls from between the posts will be missed in his retirement.

d) Ladies 2nd X1; (Editor's report):- The Ladies 2nd X1 season very much mirrored that of the 1st X1 with a highly creditable 2nd place finish in the Suffolk Ladies League 2nd division and automatic promotion to the 1st Division as a result. This represented a complete turn-around from the previous season (when we were technically relegated, but reprieved due to a league reorganisation), with much of the credit due to good organisation and management coming from Gill Burch and Jeanette Rowell together with a good level of commitment to training. It is probably fair to say that several of the regulars improved their performances by playing Mixed hockey most weeks and all this helped to give the team strength and pace in the midfield in particular. Pace up front was also provided by Alisa Newman who was voted as 2nds player of the season. We were never quite able to keep up with division winners, Castaways 1st, but winning 11 out of 14 league games underlined superiority over all other oppositions. A little more disappointingly, only 19 Saturday games were played due to some fixtures gaps and five friendlies being cancelled by 'oppositions'. A place in the enlarged 1st Division should help to rectify the shortage of games and provide a higher level challenge for the new captain and squad during the 98/99 season.

e) Men's 3rd X1; (Editor's report):- The Men's 3rd X1 had a difficult season as a combination of young players moving up, finding strong opposition after promotion to Division 5 and skipper Keith Nicholls' unavailability for much of the time combined to leave the side facing an uphill battle in most games. After Keith's early withdrawal from regular participation, John Bentley acted as captain and this seemed to inspire him as he regularly chipped in with the odd goal from midfield to keep the side in the game. However, league wins were elusive with just the 'double' recorded against Dunmow 2nds and a home win against Sudbury from 18 games to leave us with a 9th place finish and relegation to Division 6. On a positive note, a new young goalkeeper, Simon Rose, was recruited and he improved to the point of being selected for the Suffolk U-18 squad. In general, morale remained high and there is every opportunity to recover in the new season as our young players continue to make progress and the team will be under strong management in the shape of Graham Brookman who will be supporting skipper John Bentley. f) Ladies 3rd X1; (Editor's report:):- The Ladies 3rds during 97/98 represented one of the more disappointing chapters of IES history as the optimism of the previous season's campaign evaporated with the loss of too many players to sustain the viability of the side. Overall, the Club ladies membership reduced by a net 13 players for 97/98 as quite a few of our regulars moved to other parts of the country for better jobs and we also lost a few for maternity, college and club transfer reasons. We played 5 league and one friendly games, mostly on players 'doubling up' from the other teams, before it became clear that the situation could not be resolved by sufficient recruitment. Christine Bumphrey is thanked for making every effort to keep the 3rds running. All this said, things go in cycles, and there is every expectation that the Club will be able to run at least 3 sides during 98/99 as the basis for long term expansion and ambition associated with the 'new' Club structure.

g) Men's 4th X1; (Editor's report):- The 4th X1, under skipper Jon Oakley, found the going tough in 97/98 and unfortunately finished 9th out of 10 in Division 7 and were relegated as a consequence. This represented a downturn in fortunes from 4th place in the previous campaign but was far from all negative. Certainly, in the second half of the season, a resolute defence based around stalwart players Steve Palframan, Jon Cox and Olli Knowland in front of 'keeper Terry Murray made attacking opportunities for oppositions somewhat elusive. However, we clearly lacked firepower at the other end as an average of exactly one goal per league game demonstrated. League wins were recorded against Broadland 4th, Harleston 4th, Holt 2nds and Norwich City 5th but this compared unfavourably with the 12 league losses sustained. In the friendlies, the late season improvement was underlined with good wins against Ipswich 6th and Felixstowe 2nds. A management team of new skipper David Walsh supported by Jon Oakley and John Pope will be intent on building a competitive squad for 98/99 whilst providing enjoyable hockey at this level and the all-important avenue for young players who might be hoped to progress to our higher teams in the near future.

h) Men's 5th X1; (John Pope writes):- A mid table finish concealed the considerable improvement in the team through the season. In the first 9 league games before Christmas we gained only 7 points but this hides the numerous defeats by 1 goal margins most notable of which was the 4-3 defeat by league leaders Essex Police when we played with only 10 men. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory was an evident skill in the early half of the season as illustrated against Braintree where we threw away a 2 goal lead. After Christmas our luck turned and the team really began to buzz with 13 points gained from the final 7 games including memorable victories against Braintree and Felixstowe. Top scorers this season include Will Fulker, John Pope, Geoffrey Reed and Steve Farrow: From memory, I make at least 7 team members have made it onto the score sheet this year. The attitude has been excellent this year and the team spirit has been high. Everyone has really been encouraging each other with good positive results. A special mention for both Geoffrey Reed and Will Fulker: both have played well this year and have the right combinations of skill, positive attitude, and work rate to do well with IES. Player of the season goes to someone who works hard, has made great leaps forward this year, and has made the attacking right-back role his own: Shaun Denny. Every member of the team consulted at the Braintree match chose Shaun. The 5ths are always going to be at the end of the food chain when it comes to selecting players and given this we have been incredibly lucky to have a good core of people - Martin Tee, Andy Whiting, Shaun Denny, Geoffrey Reed, Will Fulker, Charles Rogers, Steve Farrow, and young Hatchy-boy backed up by several regular 4ths and friends and occasionals. Notable amongst these are Richard Gray, Stuart List, John Wright, Terry Murray, Manoj Saxena, Gary Wardman-Browne, Glen Wright, Ian Reed, Stephen Doick and Andy W's mates, Tim and Matt. Its also been good to see both Mike Harrison and James Mann pass through and up to other teams. Umpiring has been shared within the team with support from John Oakley, John Bendall, and Ray Black. Finally thanks to Mike Saunders who captained the team up to Christmas and laid the foundations for the team I inherited in January.

i) Men's Veterans; (Editor's report):- The Veteran's season was a reasonable balance of ups and downs in terms of results with just one game more lost than won when the last game was played on April 4th. Indeed, exactly the same number were won and lost when the three HA Vets Cup games are taken into account. As usual, the camaraderie counted for at least as much as the results and much credit must go to player of the season, John Fulker, who undertook by far the lions share of team management, fixtures organisation, liaison and general hassle to ensure the rest of the squad could step out onto the pitch and enjoy a game. Dave Aldous continued as captain but injury meant that he spent much of the season as the umpire. Geoff Tindall also did not play much but contributed a lot of umpiring. Both Dave and Geoff have indicated retirement from playing and are thanked for their major contribution to the development and viability of Vets hockey at IES since it started around 1990. We reached the 3rd round of the HA Vets Cup for the first time as (at the 3rd attempt) we recorded a 3 - 0 win over Brigg followed by a win over arch-rivals Bury in a penalty stroke competition after a 2-2 scoreline at full time. Bedford, with a former England International who scored 4 goals, proved too strong but we finished with two fine goals at short corners to reduce the deficit to a creditable 6 - 3. Chris Hatch will captain the side in 98/99 when, along with the rest of the Club, all home hockey will be on astro and a full programme of 'friendly' (maybe a contradiction in terms for Vets hockey !!) is again in place.

j) Mixed X1; (Simon Martin writes):- Another successful season for the mixed team. Beginning with the Cranes Tournament and ending with our foray into Kent with the Herne Bay Festival; our attendance at which was organised Claire Harrington. As always the Mixed suffered a fair few cancellations from less well organised or less enthusiastic opponents. However, our mid week evening fixtures at Framlingham made up for these, as well providing a good excuse, as if one were needed, to check out various Framlingham hostelries.

On the playing front, Gary Wardman - Browne was well justified as player of the year. However, all the team put in good performances. Hayley was as enthusiastic and capable as ever in goal. Annette White was increasingly devastating on the left wing. Helen Price revealed herself to be even more of a captains dream than I realised! (see me for further details!). Claire and Jeanette were increasingly effective both going forward and back. Andy Murray was regularly relied upon in defence and Christine Bumphrey's increasingly effective marking at left back has become the realisation of many a right wing's worst nightmare. Charlie Farrow held things together in mid field and has even begun to delight Jeanette and Annette….by passing left! John Pope surprised no one more than himself by his increasing affinity with the back of the net! Other regular and spirited appearances included Kevin Foster, Tara O'Reilly, Rachels Black and Tremaine and Catherine Faiers. Other guest appearances, though just as vital, are too numerous to mention. Next season, after three years, I will be handing over to Helen Price as captain (a very capable pair of hands!). I would like to thank all members of the mixed team over the last three years for their support and commitment. It has been a pleasure.


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