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Archive - IES Members' obligations

Latest update: 18th July 2009

Members should note that the Club operates as a non-profit making organisation with a subscription and match fee structure which is now well below the average for clubs in the sport. It is run by volunteers for volunteers. If there is anything you feel should be done better - please don't complain or quit  - please do offer your services or constructive comments to the Committee !

Senior Members, with a long term commitment to the club, should reckon to make themselves available for a significant committee role not less than one season in every 4 seasons (e.g., team captain, fixtures sec, etc), and commit the time to doing a competent, timely and efficient job!

Further details on some of the organisational rules and participation costs are detailed as follows:-

1. You must drive slowly and with due care at Rushmere Sports Club and the pitch premises where we play, home and away.

2. Players are required to be at the venue 30 minutes before the start and in correct kit (Mens & Ladies 1st teams usually 1 hour before the start of League games). An official numbered Club Red Shirt and a numbered White Shirt must be taken to all games (for 'emergencies'). Note that the Club possesses some sets of alternatively coloured change-strip shirts, which will be used when required and if available but the need to take a White shirt as availability of an alternative always applies.

3. In the event of bad weather the game is on unless you are notified. It is essential that mobile phones are kept turned on, especially on Saturday mornings, for this purpose. Please also check the club interactive web site up for possible information.

4. At least 2 weeks notice of non-availability must be given.

5. Club Subscriptions are due on the 1st September 2009 and annually thereafter.

6. Participation in matches requires payment of the pertinent match fee immediately after the game - debts and arrears are not welcome!

7. Subscriptions and match fees should be paid when due.

8. Players who have not paid the appropriate Club subscription by 30th Sept. 2009 should not be selected ahead of paid-up members.

9. Attendance at official training, tea after matches and support & cooperation, as requested by a captain or committee member, may be taken into consideration by the selection committees. It is considered to be 'poor form' to fail to go back to Rushmere for tea after a Saturday game and take part in hosting our visitors for the duration of their stay in the clubhouse - hence item 10 below!

10. It is the duty of every member, playing at home, to entertain our opponents for the duration of their stay at Rushmere Sports Club.

11. Any player who has been cautioned by an umpire with a card may appear before the Club committee and may be suspended from playing for the club. In the especially serious instance of a player receiving a Red Card, an immediate playing ban of 16 days is applicable and additional periods of suspension may be imposed depending on the seriousness of the reason for the Red Card.

Please be aware that any IES player that receives a Red Card and wishes to appeal will be obliged to personally put up the usual £100 deposit unless the Club committee considers otherwise.

A Red Card awarded for actual or threatened violence will usually mean at least a 90 days ban and quite possibly 180 days, and subject to further penalties being imposed on the individual and the club.

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