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Ipswich - East Suffolk Hockey Club

Archive - IES Membership & Playing Costs 2009/10

Latest update: 18th July 2009

(Fees for 2009/2010 are listed below. These are subject to variation by the Club Committee, in the event of factors beyond the control of the Club).

Full annual senior playing membership (2009/2010), effective from 1st September 2009, is £80.00 (men) and £80.00 (ladies) with juniors (i.e. those in full time education or under-18 on 31/12/09) at £50.00. A Membership Form may be downloaded.

These subscriptions include an amount that covers the purchase of a new Club Red Shirt for each playing member - the shirt to be supplied to the member on payment of their subscription. This is in accordance with the established long-term policy of an obligatory purchase of a new Red Shirt on a 3-year cycle basis.

There is also a Saturday match fee of £8.00 (senior men), £7.50 (senior ladies), £5.00 (junior men) or £4.50 (junior ladies) which is set to include about 25 mid-week training sessions, club costs, match balls and teas at home or travelling when away from home (for all league and friendly games). This represents outstanding value for a good day out, including a game of hockey, on Saturdays during the winter months and membership of RSC*.

Non-Saturday playing associate membership [ie, non-participation in the main Saturday match programme, (which, we regret, is non-voting and non inclusive of membership of RSC* and will not include provision of a new Red shirt for 09/10) is also available at £15.00 (men or ladies)].

Other participation fees for 09/10 include:

- Midweek evening Mixed Hockey Match Fee*  at cost (about £3.50 for seniors)
- 1 day Mixed or Mens / Ladies Tournament Fee*  £5.00
- Training Fee* (non S/M or Full member) £2.00
- Monday evening Rushmere (Suffolk Indoor Leagues or Summer social sport) fee* £4.50 per 2-game evening session (or £2.25 per game)
- Summer evening Match Fee*  £5.00
- Sunday/National Competition Match Fee £5.00 (Ladies, £4.50)
- 1-off or ad-hoc midweek games - at shared cost
* All juniors to be charged 1/2 senior fee, except for Mixed Juniors fee to be £1.50

Please note - all members, both 'current' and 'new' are obligated to play in an official Club Red Shirt for season 09/10 - i.e., the shirt that is provided as part of the Subscription package. Other items of official club playing kit are available. A link is due to be provided to the web site of the Club's main supplier, Touchline Group, for individual purchase of official kit. Watch this space for details in due course! The Club accrues discounts from Touchline over a period of time, which depend on the overall value of such purchases.

New/replacement/additional shirts in the 2009/10 style are priced at £24 and may be purchased by calling David Taylor on 01473-715553.

All payments to the Club for playing kit, subscriptions etc, should be made by cheque payable to 'Ipswich-East Suffolk Hockey Club'.

The Club also welcomes non-playing members as Social Associates (non-voting & non-RSC membership) at an annual subscription of £9.00.

* Full Senior or junior Membership of the Hockey Club includes full membership of Rushmere Sports Club Ltd (Tel 01473-272525). This Sports Club is run by the Managing Director, Mr Peter Elsom, the Manager, Mr Roger Osborne and the Office Manger, Mrs Avril Adams, as a progressive concern aiming to provide the infrastructure for a number of 'Associate Member Clubs' (which includes Ipswich - East Suffolk H.C. together with football, badminton, netball, tennis and other clubs). Members may hire snooker, bar pool, gymnasium, sports hall and other facilities at advantageous rates. There is (usually) ample free car parking at the Club, as an additional benefit for members.

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