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Ipswich - East Suffolk Hockey Club

Archive - IES Committee 2009/10

Latest update: 25th July 2009

     (some posts have been filled by Committee decisions since the AGM)

     President:  Peter Blake                                          
     Chairman:  John Adams                                         
     Secretary:  Anne-Marie Edney                             
     Business Manager, Men's Team Secretary & Astro Pitch Liaison Officer:  Chris Hatch
     Social Secretary: Ian Harris and Greg Jones     
     Youth Coaching Committee:  John Oakley (Chairman), Sam Oakley, Dave Charles, Sapphire Cutting

     Mens 1st X1 Captain/V-Capt:  James Lane / Kevyn Brown               (for the Captain's e-mails, refer to the Fixtures page downloads)
     Ladies 1st X1 Captain/V-Capt:  Abigail Adams / Sarah Brown
     Mens 2nd X1 Captain/V-Capt: Dave Charles / Neil Slade
     Ladies 2nd X1 Captain/V-Capt:  Cathy Cook / Faye Hubbard
     Mens 3rd X1 Captain/V-Capt:  Guy Whiting / Hugh Rowland
     Ladies 3rd X1 Captain/V-Capt:  Lynsdey Trench / Kim Caley
     Mens 4th X1 Captain/V-Capt: John Oakley / vacancy

     Mixed X1 Captain: Simon Martin

     'Interactive' web site Manager, Jim Strongitharm 

     Indoor League Mens 'A' Captain: Kevyn Brown
     Indoor League Mens 'B' Captain: Dave Charles
     Indoor League Ladies 'A' Captain:  Abigail Adams
     Indoor League Ladies 'B' Captain: Sapphire Cutting
     Mens Fixtures Secretary: Graham Ramsden         
     Ladies Fixtures Secretary: Charlie Farrow             
     Ladies League Liaison: Linda Rose                         
     Ladies Team Secretary: vacancy
     Press Officer:  James Lane                                     
     Umpire liaison & appointments:  Dave Charles     
     Suffolk County liaison:  Steven Farrow                  
    Club Welfare Officer: Amanda Todd                        

     Club Clothing Officer, David Taylor                     

     Club Coaches: Charles Farrow Chris Hatch (Ladies), Jason Pettit, Phil Vernon (Men)

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