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The links from this page provide the results summary for the main Saturday match programme and the Sunday Mixed X1 programme since the club was formed in May 1986.

We started in the 1986/87 season with 4 Mens teams. Ladies hockey was started from the 89/90 season. The Mens 5ths, Veterans and the Mixed X1 were all formed as the club was able to expand. The Mens Veterans was disbanded at the end of the 99/00 season, due to lack of 'new' Veterans and the challenges on offer of League hockey for a 6th X1 (in place of Vets) in Division 11 South East ! The former Veterans were promoted twice and finished up in Div 8SE for the 03/04 season and remained in that division for 04/05 and were re-allocated to Div7SE for 05/06 after a league reorganisation. By the end of the 06/07 season, the former Veterans were promoted to Div 6SE for 07/08 - quite a progression over the years! The side retained Div 6SE status at the end of the 07/08 season. Following some negotiations with the League, the former Veterans were transferred from 6SE to 6NE for the 08/09 season, became the club's official '4th X1' and were promoted as a result of the 3rd place finish.

The 2003/04 season saw a downturn in the Mens fortunes with a consolidation to four teams, due to considerable reductions in player numbers. The difficulties were compounded by the relegation of the Mens 1sts, 2nds and 3rds although the Mens 4ths (Veterans) enjoyed a good measure of success.

The 2004/05 season saw further consolidation to 3 Mens teams, with the Mens 3rds (Veterans) again doing well, although the 1sts and 2nds were relegated.

By contrast, the 2005/06 season saw a marked revival in fortunes for the mens teams when the 1sts won promotion with an unbeaten run in the league and the 2nds also won promotion. The 3rds (Veterans) also played well in their league, after a slow start. The Men recovered further to 4 league teams for the 2006/07 season and all had creditable finishes in their respective divisions. In 2007/08, however, the Mens 2nds found the competition too tough in Div 3NE and were relegated, whilst the1sts, 3rds and 4ths retained their current divisional statuses. At the end of 08/09, the Mens 1sts retained Div 2N status (just!), the Mens 2nds stayed in Div 4NE and the 3rds stayed in 6NE.

The three IES Ladies teams had mixed fortunes in the 04/05 season with the 1sts and 3rds finishing in the relegation positions but the 2nds achieved a highly creditable 3rd place in the Suffolk Premier. By the 05/06 season, the Ladies 1sts and 3rds achieved mid-table finishes in theire respective divisions whilst the 2nds maintained parity with another 3rd place finish in the Suffolk Premier. The Ladies 1sts achieved 2nd place in their division at the end of the 06/07 season and were promoted to East Div 1N in 07/08 and duly achieved a mid-table finish at the end of a tough campaign. At the end of 08/09, the Ladies 1sts were solidly mid-table in Div 1N, the Ladies 2nds achieved mid-table in the Suffolk Premier and the Ladies 3rds achieved promotion from an excellent 2nd place in Suffolk Div 1.

There is no attempt to relate the results summaries to league status for any given season because the leagues have been changed in name structure and organisation too often to make comparisons completely meaningful.

(The results for 1986/87 are believed to have been lost and the period 1988 - 1993 will have to await a later upload of data !)

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Fixture Card results 2008-2009 - (.doc file, ~500Kb, provides a record of all the scores for the season)

For the Final League Tables for 08/09, please navigate the East and Fixtures Live web sites.

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