Ipswich - East Suffolk Hockey Club


Club Constitution (Rules) – effective from December 2006



1.            Name and Address of the Club.


The Club shall be called "Ipswich - East Suffolk Hockey Club" (hereafter IES HC or the Club). The address shall be Rushmere Sports Club Ltd, The Street, Rushmere St Andrew, Ipswich IP5 1DE. (Tel. 01473 272525).


2.            Associations.


IES HC shall be known as an 'Associate Member Club' of Rushmere Sports Club Ltd (hereafter RSC Ltd). Members of IES HC shall be members of RSC Ltd and shall abide by the 'Rules of Conduct' of RSC Ltd whilst using the premises of RSC Ltd. The Rules of Conduct of RSC Ltd are replicated in the Appendix to these Rules.

               Officials, players and guests of visiting clubs shall be admitted to the premises of RSC Ltd on match days for the purpose of receiving post-match hospitality. The name of the visiting club should be noted in the RSC Ltd visitors book by the home team captains of the day. The visiting clubs’ names will also be notified to RSC Ltd by means of depositing a copy of the IES HC Fixtures List in the Club Office.

A member may introduce guests to the premises of RSC Ltd, in accordance with the rules of RSC.

               IES HC shall affiliate to England Hockey, the East Region Hockey Association and to the Suffolk Hockey Association and be bound by the rules and requirements of these associations. (Members should note that these Associations at national, regional and county level are joint Mens and Ladies associations).


3.            Aims and Objectives.


The aims and objectives of the Club, which opposes all forms of discrimination, shall be:

To provide hockey, including indoor hockey, for all male and female members.  To encourage, promote and develop playing the game of hockey and associated activities such as umpiring, coaching and club administration. To work with and within the recognised administrative and organisational associations including the associations listed in Rule 2. To ensure that 'Sports Equity' (i.e. fairness) is practised. This includes using best endeavours to provide opportunities for young people, black and ethnic minority groups and people with disabilities at a level appropriate to their needs and aspirations.


4.            Club Colours.


The Club colours shall be based on red shirts, black shorts or skirts (or skorts) and black socks. Yellow or White shirts and White socks should be worn when necessary to avoid a clash of colours with opponents.


5.            Hockey Activities.


The Club shall participate in Mens and Ladies Leagues and also in mixed hockey, indoor hockey, cup, festival and friendly matches, as decided by the committee. Such participation shall be at the best possible level and with sufficient numbers of matches to give all playing members as much playing opportunity as possible, consistent with the need to recognise that the game is played as a ‘team sport’ and therefore viable teams need to be sustained over lengthy periods to achieve this objective. In order to provide all qualified all playing members with regular matches, the club may operate a pool selection system (covering all teams apart from the mens and ladies 1st selected sides).


6.            Communications Standards.


               6.1  Members and prospective members shall provide the Club Secretary and Business Manager (Treasurer) with their name, address and home telephone number. In addition, such members shall provide, where possible, work telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.

IES HC shall provide RSC Ltd with a copy of this information for the membership purposes of the latter. In all cases, it is the duty of the member to inform the Secretary and Business Manager immediately of any changes to such information.

               6.2  The Club shall use best endeavours to publish and maintain a world wide web site, to include information such as Club Rules, Fixtures, contact details and membership information.

               6.3  Members shall not be entitled to expect information to be provided other than as posted on the Club Notice Board at RSC Ltd, by direct e-mail and and/on the web site, where appropriate. (This rule is intended to it make clear that the onus is on the member to obtain the information sought rather than on the volunteer committee member to provide it).

               6.4  The Club shall prepare a Fixtures List, for the beginning of each season, listing full details of the league and friendly match programme together with essential organisational details. The Fixtures List will be in electronic format and distributed by means of the club web site and by e-mail.


7.            Personal Risk, Conduct and Discipline.


Members of all ages shall accept that they participate in all Club activities entirely at their own risk. Members shall be responsible for their own insurance, health and fitness requirements and shall be responsible for ensuring that they conduct themselves on the field of play in accordance with the 'Conduct of Play' rules and requirements published in the Rules of Hockey by the International Hockey Federation (refer to web site: http//:www.FIHockey.org). Members shall also abide by the disciplinary and conduct requirements of the Leagues, Competitions and Associations responsible for the organisation of the various hockey competitions in which they participate. The Club committee shall be responsible for responding to disciplinary matters, both on and off the field, in accordance with the above requirements. For example, any player who has been cautioned by an umpire with a yellow or red card may appear before the Club committee and may be suspended from all hockey and other club activities for a period deemed appropriate.


8.            Youth Policy.


The Club shall use best endeavours to organise hockey coaching sessions and playing opportunities for very young players, typically in the 8 - 14 years age group and encourage those players to progress into the mainstream club hockey activities when it is considered safe and appropriate to do so.

The Club shall also emphatically encourage youth-age players (typically from 16 years old) to join and participate in all senior Club activities. Such young members shall receive coaching and the benefit of such other resources as the Club can make available with a view to nurturing a youthful interest in the sport and generating the highest possible standards of play and conduct consistent with the expectations of a voluntary sports club.


9.            Membership of IES HC.

               9.1  Membership is open to both men and women and shall consist of:

(a) President

(b) Chairman

(c) Senior Hockey Playing Members (defined as being 18 years or over)

(d) Junior Hockey Playing Members (age 14 - 17) and concessions agreed by the committee

(e) Sunday/Midweek Playing Members (defined as those who participate in Mixed, Indoor and Training hockey but not in the regular Saturday match programme)

(f) Honorary Life Members

(g) Social Members*

(h) Children (typically 8 – 14 years old) registering for the junior coaching programme (no subscription required)*

* non voting and non-members of RSC Ltd

               9.2  Nominations for membership of IES HC

A person may become a member of the Club either by making an application or by nomination by a fully paid-up member of the Club. All applications or nominations shall be considered by the committee who shall have the power to accept or reject the same without assigning a reason. A person shall not be admitted to membership or be admitted as a candidate for membership without an interval of at least two days between their nomination or application for membership and their admission.


All members shall be made aware of the Club Constitution (Rules) on joining the Club. Such members shall be provided with an electronic copy or directed to a web site location. The Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring that a copy of the Club Constitution is available for inspection at RSC Ltd and, where possible, sending new members a copy of the Constitution by e-mail.


Honorary Life Members shall be elected at the AGM on the recommendation of the committee. Only members who have given long meritorious service to the Club and who are no longer active playing members shall be considered.

               9.3  Withdrawal of membership of IES HC

In the event that the committee has any reason to consider withdrawing membership from a member, the Secretary shall give that member a minimum of at least two weeks notice in writing (usually by e-mail) inviting that person to a committee meeting specially convened to discuss the matter. The committee may suspend membership until this special meeting. The committee decision shall be final.


10.          Subscriptions.


               10.1  The subscriptions for all Club membership groups shall be reviewed annually by the committee and shall be due and payable by members on 1st September each year. Any playing member whose subscription is not paid within 30 days of the due date shall cease to be a playing member and should not be considered for team selection ahead of paid-up members, until such time as the subscription is paid. A part of the Club subscription shall be transferred to RSC Ltd in order to pay for RSC membership on an individual basis.

               10.2  A full record of all subscriptions, donations and loans shall be maintained by the Business Manager (Treasurer).

               10.3  In addition to a subscription, each playing member shall pay appropriate match fees of an amount to be reviewed annually by the committee and endorsed at the AGM. All match fees are subject to immediate change by the committee if a response is needed to meet unforeseen changes in club costs.

               10.4  The level of all subscriptions and match fees shall be recommended by the committee and endorsed at the AGM.

               10.5  Honorary Life Members shall not be required to pay a subscription to the Club.


11.  Club Management.


               11.1  The management of the Club shall be conducted by a committee consisting of the following: President, Chairman, Secretary, Business Manager (or Treasurer), Fixtures Secretaries, Team Captains and Team Secretaries, Social and Fund-raising secretary, and other posts as endorsed at an A.G.M. Where appropriate, equivalent posts shall be held for the Mens and Ladies hockey activities respectively. The minimum number to form a quorum at a committee meeting shall be four plus the Chairman or his/her nominated alternative.

               11.2  Nominations for the committee shall be invited annually from members. Each nomination must be properly proposed and seconded and must be completed no later than two days before the AGM and advised to the Secretary in writing (by e-mail or letter). A proposer must obtain the consent of the nominee to stand for any office. Nominations for any office shall only be accepted at the AGM if no written nominations have been received by the due date. 

               11.3  All committee members may seek re-election annually at the AGM.

               11.4  The committee shall have the right to remove from office any Club official whose actions, in the opinion of a majority of the committee, are prejudicial to the best interests of the Club or by whose actions fails to carry out his/her duties to a satisfactory standard or in a timely manner. In the event of such a removal, the committee shall have the power to nominate a person to carry out those duties until the next AGM.

               11.5  In the event of a resignation from the committee during the year, the committee shall have the power to co-opt a member to fulfil the vacated duties. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be called to fill a vacancy only if the committee takes the view that serious organisational or financial problems need to be urgently and formally resolved.

               11.6  The committee shall have the power to co-opt a member to undertake duties not specifically defined by those listed in Rule 11.1, on a temporary basis.

               11.7  Voting within the committee on all Club matters shall be resolved by a simple majority.

               11.8  The committee shall meet normally at intervals not exceeding two months plus any other times as considered necessary. A copy of the minutes of committee meetings shall be displayed at RSC Ltd should I be doing this ? as not done for all last season! for a reasonable period following their availability. The Secretary shall retain committee minutes for a period of six years (by electronic and paper means), when the necessity for further retention shall be reviewed.


12.  Financial Management.


               12.1  The Business manager (or Treasurer) shall maintain a bank account, or accounts, in the name of the Club and is empowered to make payments against his/her signature for hockey and related expenses up to £500 for a single transaction. For transactions above £500, the signatures of the Business Manager (or Treasurer) and a second signatory to the account shall be required.

               12.2  At each committee meeting the Business Manager (or Treasurer) shall present a statement of the Club finances.

               12.3 An annual statement of accounts shall be presented for approval to the AGM.

               12.4 The Business Manager (or Treasurer) shall be responsible for proposing the financial structure (i.e., subscriptions, match fees etc) to the AGM for consideration and endorsement.

               12.5  The Business Manager (or Treasurer) shall ensure that the bank account(s) remains in credit. In the event of needing to borrow money or raise money for major projects, the committee shall endorse the requirements and arrange any necessary guarantees before any further action is taken.


13.  The Annual General Meeting (AGM).


               13.1  The AGM shall normally be held at RSC Ltd during the months of May or June is this not more realistic for June July as last 2 years its been June?(unless the committee has good reason to choose an alternative time or location), when the committee shall submit reports.

               13.2  Club members shall be given at least two weeks notice of the date of the AGM by means of e-mail (where possible) and web site notices and by means of written notice on the notice board at RSC Ltd.

               13.3  Any member wishing any matter to be considered by the committee for inclusion on the agenda at the AGM must advise the Club Secretary in writing before 1st May.this is very early?

               13.4  The Chairman of the Club shall preside at the AGM or any other General Meeting. In the absence of the Chairman, the chair shall be taken by the President.

               13.5  At the AGM, 15 full senior playing members shall constitute a quorum.

               13.6  Voting on all Club matters shall be resolved by a simple majority. The member presiding shall only have a vote in the event of equality of votes.

               13.7 In the event of a contested election, the candidates shall withdraw from the room. Proposers may the speak for up to two minutes on behalf of a candidate and voting shall then take place immediately.

               13.8  Only members as defined under Rule 9.1 (a to f) shall be entitled to vote at the AGM (or any other general meeting). However, members in other classes of membership may attend and speak at a general meeting.

               13.9  The (retiring) Secretary shall be responsible for recording the Minutes of the AGM.


14.   Amendments to Rules.

               The rules of the Club shall only be altered by the AGM or by a Special General Meeting

convened for that purpose. The notice of intention to propose any changes to the Rules shall be given to the Secretary in writing prior to 1st May. Any proposal for an alteration to the Rules shall be displayed on the notice board at RSC Ltd by the Secretary giving all members at least two weeks notice before the AGM or Special Meeting is convened. A simple majority is required to amend a Rule. If we changing this document do we need to follow this?


15.   Selection of Teams and associated members obligations.

               15.1  Two selection committees shall represent Mens and Ladies hockey respectively. These committees shall consist of all team captains and the official 1st X1 coaches together with the Mens Team Secretary or Ladies Manager as chairman of the respective selection committees. Selection of the Mixed X1 shall be undertaken by the Mixed captain or delegated representative.

               15.2  For any league team, selection shall follow the merit guidelines required by league rules.

               15.3  A new playing member may not be selected to play until his/her application for membership has been accepted by the Club committee and the subscription is fully paid, unless it is considered in the Club's interest so to do.

               15.4  Selection of a member to any X1 shall be at the sole discretion of the selection committees. In general, the relevant captain shall have the final decision on team make-up from available members, unless an objection is raised on the basis on non-payment of subscription (or other monies owed to the Club) or an unresolved disciplinary issue.

               15.5  Whilst every effort shall be made to offer all fully paid up members a Saturday game, this cannot be guaranteed due to the obvious requirements of pitch and fixture availability and the fact that hockey teams should comprise eleven players. Selection shall be generally on merit with some rotation of players for the lowest male and female teams, but subject to the last selected players being able to provide an adequate level of ability and fitness, as decided applicable by the selection committees. Any fully paid up member who feels that he/she is not being offered sufficient hockey may appeal to the Club committee. In such circumstances, the Club committee may consider a partial refund of subscription or other action as may be felt necessary.

               15.6  Club members must purchase the correct playing kit before making themselves available for selection. The provision of a hockey stick is the member’s responsibility.

               15.7  Club members selected for matches shall follow reporting procedures for any game, as prescribed by the team captain.

               15.8 Club members, other than non-driving juniors, shall be expected to offer a fair share of transport provision during the season.


16.   Damage and losses.

               If a Club member wilfully or by neglect damages or loses any of the Club's property or loses Club money, the committee may decide that he/she shall make good the same without delay. (RSC Ltd may impose similar requirements).


17. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

               Any member is entitled to ask that an EGM be called should he/she feel that this would serve the Club's best interests. However, before doing so, the member shall obtain the written support or signatures from at least ten fully paid up members and allow for a period of at least two weeks to organise the EGM and circulate the objectives and agenda.


18.   Insurance.

               18.1 The Club shall hold a policy of third party ‘Public Liability’ insurance to a liability limit of not less than £1,000,000.

               18.2  Club members shall be aware that they are not insured for any personal incidents either on or off the field of play, other than as they affect a third party.


19.   Procedures on Winding-up.

                  In the event of the Club being dissolved, all such properties of the Club, after payment of outstanding obligations (if any), shall be distributed in such a manner as a ‘final EGM or AGM’ in its absolute discretion shall determine.




Rushmere Sports Club Ltd.


Rules of Conduct


·         PERSONS ENTITLED TO USE THE CLUB: Only members and members guests may use the Club premises. There are limits governing the number of times any one person can be signed in as a guest.

·         MEMBERSHIP CARDS: Members shall show their membership card on request to any member of the Club management.

·         GUESTS: Guests must be signed-in or pre-notified to the Club. Adult members of the Club may sign in up to 4 guests, and shall remain on the premises while the guests are present and shall be responsible for their conduct.

·         CONDUCT: No drunkenness, bad language or disorderly conduct shall be permitted on the Club premises. If the conduct of a member or his guests is considered by the Club management to be unacceptable the management reserves the right to request that member and his guests to leave the Club premises and to exclude them in the future.

·         BAR CLOSING TIME: Unless a bar extension has been granted, the bars will be closed at 11.00 pm (or in accordance with current legal requirements for licensed premises). 20 minutes drinking up time is allowed after the bars close.

·         ENTERTAINMENT FINISHING TIME & VACATION OF PREMISES: Unless otherwise agreed, entertainment shall finish 15 minutes after bar closure, and the premises shall be vacated within 30 minutes of bar closure.

·         DRINKING AREAS: Drinks purchased from the 1st floor bars may not be taken downstairs. Drinks purchased in the hall may not be taken out of the hall.

·         SUPPLY OF FOOD AND DRINKS: Unless otherwise agreed for an excepted function or special case, members, guests and visitors to the Club may only consume food and drinks purchased from the Club using vessels and utensils supplied by the Club.

·         DRESS & FOOTWEAR: Members and guests must be suitably attired when in the lounge. Sports footwear intended for outside use may not be worn within the building except for access between the changing rooms and sports field via the sports field door.

·         GAMBLING: With the exception of events and gaming machines managed by the Club, gambling is not permitted on the Club premises.

·         SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted within the Sports hall when sporting activities are in progress.

·         ANIMALS: Unless otherwise agreed with the Club manager, animals are not allowed in the Club buildings or grounds except guide dogs.

·         SNOOKER TABLE: Smoking is not permitted over the snooker table. Children under the age of 16 may only play if accompanied by an adult. Guests may only play if accompanied by a responsible member.

·         PARKING: The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to any vehicle or contents. Vehicles may not normally be left overnight on the Club grounds. Anyone with a special reason for wishing to leave a vehicle overnight on the Club grounds must request permission from the duty officer.

·         LEGAL LIABILITIES: Nothing in the Rules of Conduct shall exclude or limit the liability of the Club for death or personal injury from its own negligence or the negligence of any of its officers, employees, agents or sub-contractors. Subject to this, the Club shall not be liable for loss, damage, cost or expense, howsoever caused.