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Ipswich - East Suffolk Hockey Club

Archive - Club colours, playing strip and equipment

Latest update: 18th July 2009

The club plays in its official strip of Red shirts with black sleeves, cuffs and numbers. Also, Black shorts or skirts/skorts and Black socks. Change strip is Yellow Shirts*, Blue Shirts* or (occasionally, self-supplied White Shirts) and White socks. All purchases of official playing kit should be made directly from the Touchline Group web site or through the Club. Other 'corporate' items available for purchase include club training tops, casual t-shirt tops, social hoodies, shorts, skirts, skorts and socks. All items are produced to a high quality and where owned by the Club and re-sold to members, is on strictly cash-for-goods basis at cost plus a little for administrative effort. Both new and established members joining IES for 2009/10 will be obligated to play in an official club Red shirt, which will be provided to the member on payment of the annual subscription.
*(The yellow or blue change strip shirts are used only when required and are club property, loaned out to players for the game).

For 2009/10, the official price for purchase of another Club Red Shirt is £24. For other 'corporate items' listed above,  members will be charged in alignment with the policy described above or may take individual responsibility for direct purchase from the Touchline Group web site. Indicative prices are: Club shorts, skirts or skorts (£16); Club socks (£7.50); Club Training Tops £25; Casual T-shirt top (£15):

In all cases, playing members have to equip themselves with the correct kit and turn out for matches with it in a presentable state. Apart from the Red Shirts, the other 'corporate' items listed above are recommended but entirely optional purchases.

Playing members should also provide their own hockey sticks, astro shoes, shin pads and safety items such as astro gloves, mouth guards and other personal requirements. Hockey in this area can no longer be played on grass, officially, and is now all on astro pitches.

The membership fees and match fees include an element for other essential playing equipment such as goalkeeping kit and match balls.

Enquiries about official club playing kit and related items should be made to David Taylor:
Tel 01473-715553 or

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