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Ipswich - East Suffolk Hockey Club

Archive - Aims, Objectives & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Latest update: 17th August 2009

The Club aims to promote a happy and constructive atmosphere both on and off the pitch and be well-organised. We intend to be successful at our level of hockey and attendance at midweek training is expected. We are ambitious to advance to higher levels with a return to East Division 1 status for the Mens 1sts and at least maintenance of East Div 1 status for the Ladies 1sts (having achieved a mid-table finish last season), as short-term objectives for the 09/10 season. Our Ladies 3rds and Mens 4ths achieved promotion last season and will be looking to maintain the higher status at the end of the 09/10 season - certainly a significant challenge.

The Club places great emphasis on our Youth Coaching programme and policy, as well as supporting the attainment of official qualifications for our coaches and umpires. Indeed, we have been in receipt of considerable grant aid in recent years to help finance these specific objectives. The Club is working towards achievement of Clubs 1st accreditation - the national standard for provision of a safe and high quality environment for bringing young players into the sport.

A key aim in general is to bring young players through into adult hockey and expand the opportunities to play by increasing  the number of teams competing. This objective is not easy and we need all the commitment from senior members and others that we can get.

Further details of the Aims and Objectives may be found by reference to the Club Constitution.

In addition to the hockey we organise social events about once a month, such as barbeques, discos, dinners, quiz nights, race nights etc with ticket prices set to provide good value for members and their guests whilst generating some much-needed additional income for the Club. An agreed target of £1000 of fund raised income during 2009/10 has been endorsed by the committee.

The following list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - and the associated responses are available for download:
1. Where can I get league forms, membership forms etc?
2. How can I get Club playing kit, training jackets etc?
3. How should cheques payable to the club be made out?
4. What are the Club Rules?
5. Am I insured whilst playing for the club?
6. How much does it cost to join and play for the club?
7. Where can I find out what the League results and tables are?
8. What is unacceptable for putting into the ‘public domain’?
9. What is the process if there is a problem or dispute with an opposing club and/or an umpire?
10. What are the arrangements for payment for the Teas Service?
11. What is each home team’s basic responsibilities at Copleston
12. What are the new teas service arrangements at Rushmere for 2009/10?


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